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I've always loved to draw & color.  I wouldn't call myself an illustrator by any means, I simply find it calming and a pleasant way to 'unplug'.  Evidently I'm not alone.  Artist Johanna Basford has created coloring books for grown-ups, betting that many people share my love for holding a pencil or pen and filling in little shapes.  She's sold over a million so far.  I love her graphical style-- delicate and complex, reminiscent of a skilled tattoo artist, and a little bit of Guillermo Del Toro's visual design (a la Pan's Labyrinth).  Her latest book is called: Enchanted Forest, an Inky Quest & Coloring Book.  You can read a full interview over on NPR. enchanted-forest_spread_2-73efe7f011b2e7fefe6b9244ea5c9a6ccfaf1343-s800-c85 enchanted-forest_spread_12_slide-189a17349fa6a53dfa25c465c10997f9e16dbd76-s800-c85 enchanted-forest_spread_14-cd79f287ff5b58cacaee7f42fcd94d754781295e-s800-c85 enchanted-forest_spread_9-70c4f5fdf9d833a83fda48a30a867f5bfa8fdec4-s800-c85

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