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We were very impressed by the recent expansion of one of our favorite online entities to print media. Uncrate (the blog) recently began dabbling in physical publishing (you know, the kind you can touch with your hands and made from paper) and will continue to release such materials quarterly. We got our hands on the Winter 2014 issue and it is beautifully done. Wonderful photography, a great curated collection of cold weather things and this fantastic Land Rover that keeps popping up throughout the issue. It chronicles a few trips to wintery locals-- Iceland, Colorado and Alaska to name a few and is full of the gadgets and sundries that has made Uncrate so popular. The issue is well printed and although it calls itself a 'magazine'-- it feels more like a manual or book between your finders. It is right at home on our Noble Workshop coffee table. You can buy yourself a copy here. uncratebody3 uncratebody2 uncratebody1

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