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We love seeing companies and corporations invest in their responsible practices and sustainability plans.  Apple has long been on this path, but is continuing to emerge as one of the worldwide frontrunners-- and being on the cutting edge of tech, with such a mammoth revenue stream, they are well positioned to set a new standard.  Beginning in 2009, they began working on a new campus that will be run on 100% renewable energy and boast one of the largest solar arrays in the world.  But that is not where it stops-- they are investing in usable green spaces (complete with native species), utilizing the natural climate to minimize energy use (both air cooling and water cooling for their servers) and much more.  This video tells an inspiring story of cutting-edge engineering, responsible practices and honorable priorities.  Something that hasn't proved to be an easy pill to swallow among large, publicly traded companies.  Lets hope this becomes a new trend for businesses.  Read more here.

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