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There is something decidedly peaceful about having a good gin gimlet on a snowy day.  There are many spirits that can warm a body, but to me, gin has a special place in day when the sun is getting low, dinner is in the belly and my body is tired out from a day outdoors.  I love the aromatics of gin and the memories they stir up.  All that said, I was excited to learn about a regional distillery, Koval in Chicago, making organic gin.  Something I had never tasted, but was very excited to try.  Although the label says 'dry', it shouldn't be confused with London Dry gin, the Koval had so much more character and flavor nuance than its European counterpart (not to mention it is much smoother in comparison).  Beyond the juniper, I could taste cardamom, a hint of anise or fennel, citrus-- nothing overbearing mind you, just a faint wisp of those flavors.  As I mentioned, I'm a gimlet guy and a believer that gin is best utilized in a cocktail.  I was not disappointed by Koval's take on the spirit and wholly impressed that it was also organic and made so close to our home.  Cheers guys.

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