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We recently received some awesome photos by a fellow named Adam who had taken his Nobles to Alaska with some friends (Noah & Cody-- both also photographers).  His initial photos definitely peaked our interest, so I contacted him to learn more about his trip and his travels.  He told me about an ongoing creative project he has been working on with his colleagues (tentatively called 'Onward').  The first portion of the project is a series of stories and photos from their trip to Alaska, the second installment will be a travel guide through the lower parts of America in a renovated VW Type 2 bus.  Below is a short interview with Adam, Noah & Cody. Where in Alaska did you travel? We traveled as far south as Seward, a harbor-town just south-east of Kenai Fjords National Park, and as far north as Denali National Park. What brought you to Alaska? We have an affinity for the wilds of the world. The natural earth, virgin to human touch, provided a sense of purpose and a clear-mindedness found in very few facets of our lives. We've been going on trips together for a few years, and Alaska was always at the top of the list. The timing of our schedules fell perfectly into place, so it was an opportunity we couldn't pass up. Why do you enjoy photography as an art form? People who make things with their hands have always been intriguing to me. I’m talking about people who have yesterday’s grease still under their fingernails, and more stories in a glance than you or I have in a book. I think those people carry out honest work. If approached with that same honesty, photography can be that grease–and that’s something to feel good about. - Adam
For me, photography transcends being an art form and is more so about human interaction. There is nothing more important to me than the personal connections I make with the individuals around me. Photography is just the opportunity. - Noah
Photography for me is the most relatable and cohesive art form. Not only is it the best way for me to tell a story when the right words don’t come to mind, but offers me to look at something with a new set of eyes. Through photography, I’ve found the greatest vehicle to new relationships, experiences, and places. - Cody

For more on their travels, follow them at: Adam Naples / / @adamnaples Noah Sahady / /@noahsahady Cody James / /@codyjaaames






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