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We are discounting our popular Noble x Drifter Urban Hiker Pack by 55% and selling it at COST for our flash sale (along with more discounts on our Holiday Bundle).  For those of you who aren't familiar with that terminology-- selling it at cost means that it took $105 to simply make the backpack (materials, paying fair wages, etc.). Noble doesn't make any profit at cost. Why are we doing this you ask? This backpack was made in Ohio with Chicago-based Horween leather and US made waxed canvas .  These components are not cheap, but we think they are the best and take pride in putting something like this together. Doing a flash sale at cost gives us an opportunity to be entirely transparent about how our products are produced and how much we invest in making them, why they are so expensive. The second reason we are willing to sell products at no cost is because one of Noble's main priorities is to bring jobs back to local manufacturing--- keep local factories working. By selling this product at cost, it helps our manufacturing partners to stay busy through the holidays. A win win.  This flash sale will only last until Friday, Dec. 5th at 8pm. Have questions about how we source our materials or where your money is going when you buy a Noble product? Email and we'd be happy to answer your questions.  flash-mail

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