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  Bulleit and Noble are inspired by the raw materials we work with: cotton, water, and grains. This video is influenced by Wendell Berry’s work which captures the centrality of nature to good craftsmanship.

The good worker loves the board before it becomes a table, loves the tree before it yields the board, loves the forest before it gives the tree. how long does it take to make the woods? As long as it takes to make the world. The woods is present as the world is, the presence of all its past, and of all its time to come. It is always finished, it is always being made, the act of its making forever greater than the act of its destruction. It is a part of eternity, for its end and beginning belong to the end and beginning of all things, the beginning lost in the end, the end in the beginning.

If you're inspired, share the video on facebook using the hashtag #barrelagedjeans and be entered to with a pair of our own.

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