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Aging jeans in the remnants of bourbon is a fun way for Noble to try something new and see what happens. Small changes help us mix it up and enjoy a new side of life.

Thanks to everyone who was a part of #newfrontiers on Instagram. It was really cool to read your stories and to get a glimpse of your new experiences. Thanks for sharing the things you tried: slowly changing your wardrobe to all US made, exploring Joshua Tree or climbing Mt. Raneir for the first time, learning to make sushi, making a cherry pie or building a barn with your dad--- all of your stories inspired us. Thanks for sharing the #newfrontiers in your life. The entry that stuck with our team the most was @meggalegga capturing Jamie’s first wilderness bath in a deep lake.

  newfrontiers1 @ackenk, @lindsayhthomson, @lovevirginiaruth, @andrelpeters, @jimmybalough, @meggalegga, @oriondavid, @jarh, @oldmanmcfadden, @thechasekennedy, @rebekahpahl, @rubenhughes, @auskimmy, @havenmag, @engel6887, @dwall203, @richardoriginal, @cheapzephyr, @the_red_blune

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