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There is something to be said about where you start.  The first apartment, the first house, the first job.  Even if the experience is trying, you're still putting down roots and forming a connection.  It is both humbling and inspiring.  That said, we're announcing our first move into a new workshop in Over The Rhine.  Our previous workspace was wonderful, but a little tight at times and very cold (or hot, depending).  It didn't make for a swell time in the thick of winter or summer, but it served us well and we'll miss it. Our new workshop is located in a historic building on Sycamore Street downtown Cincinnati (next to the old performing arts school). Here is the mailing address: Noble Denim Workshop 1212 Sycamore Street 2nd Floor, Units 25-26 Cincinnati, OH 45202 (map) We welcome visitors by appointment.  You can email us at: or call: 513.512.4998 x.2

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