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Cincy has a quite a history when it comes to breweries, thanks in large part to the historic German heritage and annual Oktoberfest celebrations.  But the past few years there has been an boom when it comes to microbreweries and startups, something we are very excited to see.  One of our favorites is Rhinegeist (German for 'Ghost of the Rhine'-- a river in Bavaria and where the district OTR gets its name).  The owners are gracious and awesome and they seem to be doing everything right.  Their tap room / brewery is one of the coolest locations in Cincinnati for a beer, or for anything really.  A converted warehouse on the 3rd floor of a beast of a building (built in 1895, and once the old bottling plant for Christian Moerlein), it showcases high lofty ceilings, a collection of classic German biergarten style tables and more elbow room than you could believe.  All this is adjacent to their sparkling brewing equipment and a collection of ping-pong tables and corn-hole setups.  Their beers are pretty damn good too.  I love the ability to refill growlers and take them home, but I certainly don't mind spending time in their brewery sipping on a pint.  They have a steady rotation going now, with everything from light, dark, bitter & piney brews.  You can now find them in cans at local shops all around the city, not to mention on tap at the ballpark and many other restaurants and pubs that pride themselves on their beer list.  Our favorites?  Cougar for they daytime, Truth for dinner and Saber Tooth Tiger for the evenings (seasonal).

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