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Shop Tunes: 4.11.14

I thought it would be fun to highlight some of my favorite IDM artists.  IDM = 'intelligent dance music' and its really hard to dance to.  The beats are fast, a little outside the common vein and above all, creative.  Behaving more like another instrument than the backbone of a song.  I do enjoy this genre though, for its many...

Stuff We Like: MAKR

Makr is probably best known for their durable and carefully crafted leather goods. The designer has a background in architecture, and it's visible in his approach. The solution is always simple and calculated. I'm currently obsessed with their collection of hard goods - the magazine rack and plate hook in particular. And they have skateboards. Enough said.

Repost: Q&A on StyleNoChaser

Noble was recently featured on SytleNoChaser in a great Q&A by Geo Hagan.  Our founder talks in length about our tenants, future goals and much more.  Have a look at the full article here.  

New Staples Now Shipping

Our newest additions, tee shirts and sweatshirts are now available in our shop-- each in two color choices for spring.  We've been really excited about these new shirts at Noble.  They have been meticulously designed and sourced, tested and worn and we're happy to now call them staples.  You can view all the details & photos on

New Workshop, New Location

There is something to be said about where you start.  The first apartment, the first house, the first job.  Even if the experience is trying, you're still putting down roots and forming a connection.  It is both humbling and inspiring.  That said, we're announcing our first move into a new workshop in Over The Rhine.  Our previous workspace was wonderful,...

Shop Tunes: 3.21.14

We're almost there.  Warmer weather, brighter spirits, wonderful sunshine on the the skin.  Here are some songs that make us think of those warm days to come.  Enjoy!

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