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For as long as we've been making jeans, we've gotten the question: 'how do I wash selvage denim jeans?' As many fans of raw denim know, that isn't an easy or quick answer.  The short of it is to not wash them very often, but the longer answer is much more involved (because eventually, everyone has to wash them!). We've used countless types of soaps and detergents over the years for our own hand-washes & soaks, and haven't ever found one that knocked it out of the park.

We figured it was high time to solve this conundrum.  We're weary of not having a firm recommendation for detergent options for our customers.  We put a lot of love & care into our products, and we want to ensure they last and that our customers have a solid method for keeping them fresh and clean.

We're happy to say that we've come up with a tested formula that does the trick. It's made out of our own blend of organic based detergents and essential oils.  It is designed for hand-washes and soaks and is gentle on the fabric, but is still able to lift out dirt without compromising the dye or integrity of the fabric.  It took us some time, but we are incredibly happy with the results, and we think you will be too.

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8 oz Noble Denim Jean Wash


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