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We've got some rad stuff coming out this month on our Small Batch calendar! 

Japanese Selvage Denim

Back to the basics: Japanese Indigo Selvage Jeans.  These are made in our Tennessee factory like all of our small batch productions, but we sourced some more premium 14oz Japanese denim from Kuroki.  It is a deep indigo, a little less royal blue than the previous batch, with a similar starchy sheen.  It was one of our all time favorites so we were always stoked to source a bit more for another run.  Available in Truman or Earnest fits.

Available March 7 - 21, Made-to-order
Ships the week of April 17.

Black Selvage Denim

Next we have a fan favorite, black selvage denim from Cone Mills.  It is American thru and thru, milled in North Carolina, Manufactured in Tennessee.  This batch features a sturdy all back selvage fabric, black copper hardware and a classic tan Noble patch.  A great choice if you are looking for something different for the spring months. Available in Truman and Earnest fits. 

Available March 21 - April 4, Made-to-order
Ships the week of May 2.

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