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It's a new year and we've got lots of awesome stuff coming down the pike for Noble. We thought we'd start by talking about a couple new small batch productions we are releasing this month.  Two different pants & another jacket.  The pants will be made-to-order and the jacket will be a stocked item.

To start, we've brought back our popular Cone Mills 13oz indigo selvage denim.  It was the denim we started with, and continues to be one our supporters ask about.  It is available in the Earnest and Truman fits and ships the week of Valentine's Day.  As per usual, it is a limited production and we've got enough fabric for 50 pairs.

Shop the All-American Jean Here

We're also excited to roll out our first pair of duck canvas pants for the season.  They are a slightly faded olive green and finished with oxidized copper hardware.  They come in the modified Truman fit.  Like our All-American jeans, these puppies are born and bread in the USA-- milled in North Carolina and made in Tennessee. Remember that canvas won't stretch quite as much as denim over time, so we suggest you order a size above what you normally wear in Noble to accommodate.  These will ship the week of Feb. 20th.  Pre orders run from 1/11 to 1/24 or when sold out.  50 pairs available.

Shop the Olive Canvas Pant Here

Lastly, we have a canvas truckers jacket.  Based off of our recent denim jacket collaboration with Bulleit, this jacket will feature a similar trim, but with a durable canvas rather than denim.  More details on this small batch will be coming later in the month, so stay tuned!

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