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Denim blowouts are eventually going to happen. Unfortunately, that is just a part of wearing anything made out of cotton, it is going to break down, regardless of the weight or quality of material (though heavier weights & tighter weaves will take more punishment). That being said, there are a few ways to protect against blowouts from happening earlier than necessary.

1) Wash your jeans slightly more often than you normally would in the raw denim world.

So maybe every three months instead of every six months. The dirt and grime can build up and create almost a 'sandpaper-like' film that wears on the fabric. You still want to wash them properly by soaking and hanging to dry rather than using the washing machine and dyer, but soaking every three months is very helpful to avoid blow outs.

2) Speaking of soaking, another great preventative measure is to soak your jeans before ever wearing them. 

This will rinse out some of the starches that are in denim and help make your jeans less brittle.

3) Minimizing activities that put stress on the crotch area.

Like riding bikes, lots of kneeling, kickboxing, etc. This will be very helpful in the long run.  We know this is easier said that done, but it is worth noting.

4) If you're aware that a blow out is coming, consider repairing them early.

This will allow the weak spot to be strengthened rather than reconstructed.  The repair will look much more discreet.

If you do need a repair, email: for evaluation.  Send along photos if you can, they are helpful in determining if the jean can be repaired and how long the repair will take.  For more info on repairs, head over to our FAQ page.

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