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We get a lot of inquiries asking about artificially aging denim, or 'distressing' as it is known. 

Since most of our denim is 'raw' it has not been subject to any distressing or washes.  We leave that up to the individual (break them in naturally over time, or speed things up by distressing).  There are resources on the web that can point you in the right direction for 'speeding up' the break-in process, but our preferred method is do so naturally over time.  Wear them often, be active, wash infrequently and experiment with simple soaking.  When you are ready to wash, follow our washing instructions to ensure you don't shrink your jeans too much.  If you'd like to see what patience will get you, below are some natural fades of some well worn Nobles.  We'd also recommend you check out the killer Fade Friday section at rawrdenim for other great looking, and naturally aged jeans.


How to age denim jeans to get killer fades, honeycombs and creases 

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