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We've often talked about what we do as a business to continue to push the envelope of what it means to be in harmony with our community & country.  A large part of this is our sustainability practices, and our desire to put every element of our company under the microscope to hone it, refine it and improve it.  We're happy to announce that all of our domestic shipments are sent with carbon neutral shipping-- from the packages that are delivered to our customers, to the materials that we purchase from suppliers. What is 'carbon neutral' shipping? In a nutshell, it is us buying certified C02 offsets for each shipment we deploy.  The amount of offsets we purchase is in direct relation to how far the package is traveling and by what methods.  The funds raised from these offsets go into projects such as: reforestation, wastewater treatment, methane destruction & landfill gas destruction.  We hope that the options out there for small & large businesses alike continue to develop-- such as zero emission trucks.  But until those are widely available, we felt that this was the most responsible method for Noble to handle its shipments.

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