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We're super excited to roll out our all new Women's jeans.  We've been developing them for over a year and working hard to find the best denim on the planet for the job. Through our testing, we've tried all sorts of compositions of fabrics and we've landed on what we think is the best material. Along the way, we've battled with the question 'how much stretch is too much?'.

We've come to a few conclusions...

1. Not all denim is created equally. Even if the makeup of fabrics is the same on paper, they are probably not the same (e.g. 2% elastic in one pair might be very different than a 2% elastic in another).  To get nerdy for a second, you can tweak the modulus (amount of force it takes to stretch) or the elastic limit (the limit in which the material no longer behaves as it should do to too much stress).

2. Denim suited for men's jeans is likely not the best choice for women's.  Simply put, women's bodies are anatomically different (shocker there).  They require their own patterns and features, and part of that is the fabric choice.  A denim with a bit of natural stretch is very popular these days for women. They are more comfortable, and they are more accessible to subtlety different body types within the same tag size.

3. There should be some stretch, but not too much. Stretch is great, but elastic fibers break down over time and loose their elasticity.  This is just unavoidable.  A jean with too much elastic will feel amazing the first few weeks, then slowly turn into a saggy mess as the elastic limit is reached and the fibers start to deform.

We've tried many compositions of denim, with many different levels of elasticity and think we've found the perfect make-up. 95% Cotton, 4% poly, 1% elastic. You view more specifics in our women's collection here.

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