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We're exited to now be able to offer a full range of denim repairs and custom hemming for any brand of denim or pant.  Our workshop capacity has expanded and we've added some very talented sewers to our team to help with these types of requests.  The way it works is simple... if you have a jean that needs a repair, or would like a custom chain-stitched hem, email our repairs department for an estimate and timeline:  It really helps if you can send pictures (for repairs) of the area in question so they can give you an accurate price and time quote. People in the Cincinnati area are welcome to bring their item by Victor Athletics Club (where the repairs happen) for evaluation and pick-up/drop-off.  Anyone outside of that area can of course send us your item via mail and we'll return it once complete. 

Our repair price list is as follows:

Crotch blowouts under 2" - 45$
Crotch blowouts over 2" - 55$
Knee rips under 4" - 55$
Any rip over 4" - 65$
Button replacement - 30$
Belt loop replacement - 30$
Custom hemming - 25$

You can learn more about the process by visiting our Hems & Repairs page.

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